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Mrs. Stacey Johnson, Library Media Specialist

Mr. Nathan Davis, Library Media Assistant

Welcome to the Rockfish River Elementary School Library Media Center!

about 1 year ago

Always Take Care of Your Books!

Remember to take care of your books!  You are responsible for returning them to the library on time and in good shape.

Attendance, Literacy, and Numeracy Are Important!

Literacy - We read books every week in the library and choose super stories to bring home to read.Attendance - Because we cover topics in the library that support classroom learning and new library topics, it's important to be here with us.Numeracy - Yes!  We do work with numbers in the library - Dewey Decimal, books about numbers, giant number line, and calendars to name a few. 

What's the Purpose of the Library?

The purpose of the library media center is to encourage and enhance all types of learning by students, teachers, and the community throughout the year, and to provide adequate resources for research and inquiry.

Parents are welcome to come into the library media center between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. to discuss how we can assist your child in choosing appropriately leveled books  to support their child's education.  Please remember that classes are being conducted in the library so please respect the need for a quiet environment.  It is helpful if you call ahead and arrange a visit with us.

Don't forget about the Jefferson Madison Regional libraries in Lovingston, Crozet, and Charlottesville for your families.  They offer free library cards.  
The website address is for more information, hours, and several online databases.

Browse the RRES Library Catalog here!

Want to see what books Rockfish has to offer? Click on the link and take a peek!

Contact Mrs. Johnson at with questions or concerns.

What do we offer?

about 1 year ago

Not only do we have books in all genres and all reading levels, we have:

Print Materials

The media center also subscribes to several periodicals for both teachers and students which may be enjoyed in the media center. (Periodicals are not for checkout by students).

Research and Reference

The media center has traditional print reference materials including encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and almanacs. We also offer Britannica Online for all students and teachers.  This may be accessed from your own home computer.  The link to this site is available on the "online resources" page.  Ten computers are available for student use for Accelerated Reader, Internet research, and access to digital and online reference materials.  Mrs. Johnson, RRES library media specialist, conducts lessons in appropriate and correct use of the research and reference materials throughout the year during class periods in the library.

Technology Services

Teachers can check out laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, iPods, CD/Cassette players, Flip cameras, listening center headphones, and other classroom technology resources. Through the generosity of Nelson Cable and Direct TV Goes to School, the library media center offers a variety of cable television programming services. Mrs. Johnson is available to assist the teachers in technology repair and troubleshooting, and technology instruction. Students are instructed in the use of technology throughout the school year.

Destiny - Online Library Catalog

Teachers and students can access the RRES  library catalog from any computer that has Internet access.   From computers outside of our school, go to to search for particular books that your child can checkout during library class time. 

You can also see what Rockfish River Elementary School Library Media Center has to offer by visiting .  Students can log onto their Destiny account and search for a wanted title or just see what materials they already have checked out.  Student log-ins for Destiny is the same as their computer log-ins at school.


Media Center Hours

The media center is currently open 8:00 AM – 2:35 PM on school days for students and 7:30AM - 3:00 PM for teachers.
Contact Mrs. Johnson at with questions or concerns.

RRES Student Links

about 1 month ago

By Stacey Johnson

Renaissance Learning

              STAR & AR


  IXL Math & Reading Practice

Google and Google Drive

               Google Drive 

Follett Destiny Library Catalog

       Follett Library Catalog

Discovery Education

Discovery Education

SOL Pass

SOL Pass



Think Central

Think Central - Science Curriculum

Britannica Encyclopedia Online

Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Home Connect for Renaissance LearningFor parents to check on students' AR progress.
AR Book Finder

To determine if a book has an AR quiz attached.

Electronic copies of student social studies books  Digital Social Studies Book
Link for Benchmark Testing through Interactive Achievement

Benchmark Testing Platform

NCPS Learning Management System
NCPS Learning Management System
Epic! - Read Amazing

          Epic! - Books for Kids

PBS Kids

PBS Kids

Code Studio

Code Studio



Nelson Reads:  One Book, One Community 2018 - 2019

Nelson Reads:  One Book, One Community 2018 -2019
(housed on YouTube - not accessible at RRES by students while at school)

Imagine Math

Imagine Math

Imagine Language & Literacy

  Imagine Language + Literacy

Reading Plus logo

             Reading Plus


Checkout Procedure

about 1 year ago

The following will be used this year for student checkout of materials.

*Pre-K, Headstart, Bright Start – students may select one book from a group pre-selected by the media specialist with suggestions from classroom teachers.
*Kindergarten and 1st grade – students may select one book from the Easy section of the shelves.
*2nd and 3rd grades – students may select two books (one literature, one other)
*4th and 5th grades – students may select three books (at least one literature out of the three)

If a student does not return a book on the following library visit, he/she may check out another book providing the checkout does not put the number of books checked our over the grade level limit. If a book is not returned after two weeks, the student may not check out any more books until the overdue one is returned.

There are NO fines for overdue books, however, students are responsible for paying a replacement fee for any books that are lost or damaged beyond repair.

Contact Mrs. Johnson at with questions or concerns.

Accelerated Reader

9 months ago

Accelerated Reader  

Once again, Rockfish River Elementary School students will have access to over 150, 000 Accelerated Reader quizzes!    The students are teachers will be working closely to set a goal for each nine weeks of school.  Students who make their goals each nine weeks will be recognized for their hard work! Click the link below to see if the book you're reading is an AR book!

Students can only take quizzes at school, but can find books that have AR quizzes at home, at the public library, even at yard sales.  The important thing is to keep reading.  The AR quizzes will help you to focus on what you're reading and you can be rewarded for your efforts!

Want a printable copy of our Accelerated Reader information brochure?

So What's Accelerated Reader All About?
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program which helps students focus attention on careful reading of books to improve critical thinking skills and to help build an intrinsic love of reading.

The program is implemented in the 1st—5th grades and some of the resource classes.  The program is based in the library media center.  Classroom teachers and the library media specialist work closely with each student to ensure that the program meets the individual needs of the students.

How Accelerated Reader Works

1. The student reads a book in his/her STAR reading range.  (Library books that have AR quizzes available are labeled with AR information such as book level and point value.  Some classroom teachers have leveled their own classroom library, as well.)

2.   The student takes a quiz on the computer to assess vocabulary and comprehension of the book.

3. The student and teacher receives the quiz results immediately.  A report, called TOPS, can be printed and alerts the teacher if immediate intervention is needed on a particular skill.

4. The student accumulates points based on the     percentage earned on each quiz.

5. Students are recognized at the classroom level and at the school level for their progress.

6. Quizzes are only available through school computers.

Nelson Reads - One Book, One Community - 2017 - 2018

8 months ago

For the second year, Rockfish River Elementary School and Tye River Elementary School were invited to participate in the Nelson Reads - One Book, One Community program by Mrs. Susan Huffman, librarian at the Nelson Memorial Library.  Each school is provided with 14 books for the students to read and eventually vote on to pick their favorite story of all of them.  The art teachers will continue the program with various projects related to the books.

To make the books more accessible to all of the students, Mrs. Johnson (RRES) and Mrs. Thompson (TRES) have recorded book videos for everyone to enjoy again and again!  Enjoy!

John Ronald's Dragons:  The Story of J.R.R. Tolkien
by Caroline McCalister

Bad Guy
by Hannah Barnaby and Mike Yamada

by Emily Gravett

Maya Lin:  Artist-Architect of Light and Lines
by Jeanne Walker Harvey

Stay:  A Girl, A Dog, A Bucket List 
by Kate Klise

Be Quiet!
by Ryan T. Higgins

A Piece of Home
by Jeri Watts

Sergeant Reckless:  The True Story of a Little Horse Who Became a Hero
by Patricia McCormick

 by Victoria Turnbull

My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis
by Paul Meisel

La Princesa and the Pea
by Susan Middleton Elya

Charlotte the Scientist is Squished
by Camilee Andros

Nutcracker in Harlem

by T.E. McMorrow

She Persisted

by Chelsea Clinton

First Grade - Jamestown

6 months ago

By Stacey Johnson


Jamestown Fort

Christopher Newport

Christopher Newport



First Grade - Winter Customs and Traditions

5 months ago

What is Christmas?

Snowman greetings

What is Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa candles

What is Hanukkah?

Happy Hanukkah

By Stacey Johnson